How to Get Someone to Break Up with You when Tired of the Relationship

It’s sad how that relationship is nearing an end now. I can’t judge any further because we all have reasons to break up with someone and to move on. Breaking up with someone is one hell of a difficult task that could leave a permanent judgmental instinct in the minds of either detached parties. But if you intend breaking up with less blames coming your way, then you have to get someone to break up with you. Even with that, making someone break up with you is not as easy as it appears, it’s more like solving complex mathematics which requires more than half a percentage of our wit and focus.

On the other hand, making plans that will trigger someone to break up with you hurts emotionally, especially if the person in question is a victim of true love.

In order not to leave behind an intense hurt dangling between you and the person you want to make or manipulate to break up with you, consider adopting this guide which will show you how to get someone to break up with you without being mean.


The Easy Ways to Get Someone to Break Up with You

It could be a bit tricky how to get someone to break up with you regarding the reality that you will have to actuate some sort of hatred in them towards you. You can decide to go the easy way of breaking up with them over text without making them feel bad. It all depends on your choice.

Here you are, thinking of how to manipulate that lover to break up with you. Well, it’s okay, I’ll see you through and also make sure that you understand the various know-how on how to get someone to break up with you without being mean at all.

There are two ways to achieve a successful outcome on how to get someone to break up with you. It can either be the harsh way like my way or the pleasant way like my elder brother’s.


The Harsh Way

Just as the subject implies, getting someone to break up with you the harsh way can be hatred-condensing. Like I stated up there, this is my way, the cruel way; a way that does not bother you much.

Shift Blames

Shifting blames one of the mildly harsh ways of how to get someone to break up with you. How is this? Let me cite an instance for clarity. Once in a media house where I worked, my then married boss had a girlfriend, and the lady happened to be my close friend’s sister; oh! What a world. Their intimate relationship of nearly a year old went on well, but not until ‘something which I do not know’ made my then boss give up.

How I found out was that the lady in question ceased sharing some of their beautiful memories with me. One day, I got a phone call from an unknown number. I picked up and was surprised by finding out that my friend’s sister was on the line. We talked for quite a lengthy period, and I asked a lot of questions. Eventually, she opened up that she was tired of the blames she got even when my boss was at fault.

Well, I never knew my then boss to be this wily. Maybe someone advised him on this, but way he got that trick, it worked. I was vaguely happy, being that it’s not cool to intimately flirt with a married man, which she knew. I am sure my boss found out reasons to break up with someone.

In essence, shifting blames is one of the mildly harsh ways on how to get someone to break up with you without being mean in any way.


Flirt in Their Presence

Hmm, if you are such a heart-hardened individual, you may consider doing this. This act gloriously stands out as one of the ways of making how to get someone to break up with you very easy.

Flirting in the presence of your unwanted lover makes them go mad within. And if such an individual is the type that does not keep things away, they might end up embarrassing you in public. Public flirting with others in the presence of your partner creates a feeling a betrayal in their minds.

At this point, the option of breaking up has already reached its limit. This, therefore, means that the person you are manipulating to break up with you is already waiting for the perfect time to tell you the long-awaited words, “it is over.”


Lie Every Time

Although lying is unhealthy in a relationship, it is yet another way that permeates how to get someone to break up with you without being mean.

This is a trick that most persons who have found reasons to break up with someone do not know. The more you lie, the more insecure your partner becomes. He’d even be dreaming of cutting it off with you because he sees you as yet, another deceptive demon on earth. If at all, you’re expressing any form of doubt, do it no more. This harsh method works like a charm. It worked for me and others. This is because no partner wants a liar for a lover.

Lying as one of the reasons to break up with someone is what your unwanted lover will meditate on. Once the thoughts that you lie a lot envelop him/her, he’d call to inform you of the break up you were looking for.


Disagree with their Opinions

Even when you’re in support of what they say, disagree with them. A lover expects you to agree with them at all time. When you do not agree with every bit of their opinions, they’ll feel that either something is wrong or that you just do not fit to be who they desire.

Truly, even I would not be able to contain a person who does not uphold at least 50% of my ideology. This is because there will always be an unrestrained disagreement between us two.

How to get someone to break up with you without being mean becomes even easier when you initiate the idea of disagreeing with whatsoever they uphold, be it in private or public.


Deny Sex

This is even useful to you as the breakup manipulator. It is useful because you will not be having yourself in bed with someone you want to call off with.

If it is core intimate relationship, denying sex will do. Most persons keep a relationship because of sex. You should even call off such a relationship because a relationship based on sex is one of the reasons to break up with someone.

“Jude loves his girlfriend, but he wants to let go. To achieve this, Jude denies his girl the hot sex they’ve been having. What happens next is that Tonia walks out of the relationship because she felt that Jude is not finding her beautiful anymore.”

Well, Jude did not deny her sex because she is not attractive anymore. Jude did what he did as a way of manipulating to call off the relationship on her own, which she did; how wise. You could be Jude to save yourself the hassle is a bad relationship.


pretend to beg when they want to break up with you.

A guy pretending to be a girl he made to break up with him


The Pleasant Way

The pleasant way always leaves a mark. This is the method my elder brother, Joe, used. As stated, it does leave a mark, a mark that may reunite you with the person you manipulated to break up with you.

Find faults

Finding faults is another way to get someone to break up with you. This is more like shifting blames but differs, in that this method identifies sets of incompatibilities that exist between you and the unwanted lover.

Apart from genotypical incompatibilities, other forms of conflicts could cause breakups. These are the kinds of things to spot and capitalize on when you’ve found reasons to break up with someone.

Again, every fault should be spot on; even the ones you looked away from.


Off Your Mind from Loving

As clear and obvious as this may be, you may have to go deeper by ensuring that the person in question understands your position in the relationship. This is why I included this one here, under the pleasant methods of how to get someone to break up with you without being mean. When the reality of your disinterest dawns on the individual, he/she will seek for alternatives. This is because the sincerity of your wanting to call off the relationship is evident to him.

But then, taking up an activity such as this requires that there must have been a reason or reasons to break up with someone by offing your love for them.

The other party may always want to rob your love for them again. For this not to happen, you should consider looking out for alternatives to keep you going while clearing the memories of them out of you.


Talk Less

Talking less is another pleasant way on how to get someone to break up with you without being mean, although it is not as enjoyable as it should. Having fewer talks makes the manipulated person feel an absence of communication, which is necessary for any relationship.

Be happy once they break up with you

A girl excited after a break-up

Top Reasons to Get Someone to Break up with you

No parting occurs without a cause; there must always be reasons to break up with someone, no matter how intense the bond seems. If you are a guy and you caught your girlfriend cheating, there are other faster ways to break up with her, than waiting for her to break up with you.

In cases where you are unsure whether to break up or not, you may want to check out some of the reasons to break up with someone below.

  • Dashed Happiness

  • The bond with your new lover is stronger than with your old and present lover

  • Affirmation from close friends

  • You caught them cheating, and you’re unable to forget the incident even after they pleaded

  • One of you is forcing the relationship

  • The relation was built on greed or a specific purpose


It is never easy to end a relationship, but it is necessary to end a bad relationship. Everyone hates it when they’re blamed for being the cause of a breakup and thus; it’s wise of you to manipulate the person to be the pioneer of the break up while you, the manipulator sits to watch your game plan click.

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